How do I add the required currency?

Popular currencies are already in the PSQQQ by default and can be updated (can be turned on, can be turned off) automatically before each price recalculation:

If you have prices in a currency that is not available in the basic version of the service, then you can easily add the required currency yourself. For example, let’s add a currency — Turkish lira. To do this, select the menu Configurations— Currencies — Add new currency. We register the name of the currency, the multiplier(, and click Save.

There is a default currency for each price list. This is the currency that will be assigned to the product if a specific currency is not loaded from the price list. This currency is set here:


When the function of updating prices and quantities is launched, all prices are converted into the currency of the main price list at the exchange rates.

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In PSQQQ, you can set a scheduler that will perform a number of configured actions automatically. When the schedule starts, the following tasks are run by default: All feeds of


ContentsMargin at the level of the Main Feed or the supplier feedBuilding Old PriceIndividual product markupBehavior of products without margin The markup is the added value to the purchase price.