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Export Main Feed

To update information about products already on your website, use the function of the PSQQQ  — export Main Feed (from the service).

Export Main Feed to a file

Export Main Feed to a file is carried out simply: in the menu, click Functions — Export Main Feed. In the window that appears, click on Export config for Main Feed:


In the window “Export config for Main Feed” select the file type. Then click “Save” (3) and close the  window:


In the “Main Feed Export” window, click Run. When the export to file is finished, you can download the file from the Exported Files column:


Export Main Feed to email

To export the Main Feed to e-mail, you must:

  1. Select the file format into which the Main Feed will be uploaded.
  2. Write down the e-mail to which the Main Feed will be sent in the selected format.
  3. Next, click “Save”, close “Export config for Main Feed” window and start the export:

Upon completion of the export, a letter with the unloaded Main Feed file will be sent to your e-mail:

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