CSV Import

You can import data from any CSV file. We have cases when we import files with 1000000 products inside.

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XML Import

We can parse any XML file and any structure and to import into your store.

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Excel Import

Import any Excel file with any structure into your shop.

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integration with supplier API

You can take real-time data from your supplier API

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stocks & prices update

Update your store with actual stocks & prices. Update works for options/variants also.

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import products with options & variants

Tool allows you to import options & variants correctly.

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images import

We support images import for basic products and for products with options & variants.

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categories import

categories with hierarchy creation

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features import

Import features is really simple. Just mark columns as features and it is enough!

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DropShipping is supported

If you start your DropShipping business you need to import products into your store. Our Application will do it for you automatically: as many products as you need. Just send us information about your supplier and we will inform you how to do import to your store the most effective way.
multi currencies

If your suppliers have multi currency feeds it will be processed right

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margin/markup formulas

formulas are supported and they are really flexible

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Scheduler allows you to update all feeds and to reprice all products.

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API access

You can download aggregated data via API.

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Export data

Export data to different file formats csv,json,xml,excel,

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dynamic repricing

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Common features
– csv,excel files import
– scheduler
– save data loading configuration for each source/file
– images uploading
– combinations import & update
– missed products disabling
– support drop shipping business model
– multi suppliers support
– products duplicates issue solving
– margin rules
Killer features
– repricing
– competitors analyzing
– currency support
– multi-currency feeds support
– currency auto updater
– margin rules based on competitors and profit
– master data management
Extra services
If supplier provides access to data via API we can develop integration to extract data (products info and stocks) and to upload into your store automatically.

Translation services
If you need to get translations for your texts or to mix data from different sources or to translate text via Google / Bing / Yandex translate services via API.