repricing - short instruction

Step 1. Import data into PSQQQ (to appropriate supplier section)

Step 2. Update Main Feed At PSQQQ - Run "Repricing" function

Step 3. Export updated data from PSQQQ into your online store.

*** - All steps can be automated via scheduler.

Step 1 - feeds update

If you have feeds in PSQQQ are manual created - update them if it is necessary
If you have feeds in PSQQQ that take data from external sources like email, url, ftp, api - do nothing with such feeds
* on Step 3 it will update feeds automatically if they have external data sources.

Step 2 - adjust margin/markup rules if it is necessary
Step 3 - run main feed update (it will run repricing + quantities update)

After this step you will get updated data at PSQQQ.
To finalize repricing - run export to your online store.