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OnBuy products update

OnBuy.com is an international sales channel for companies of all sizes. It is one of the fastest growing online marketplaces. With low selling fees and operations in 51 countries, OnBuy.com gives sellers the opportunity to stay competitive in the global market and connect with buyers worldwide.

The API allows to securely communicate with the platform PSQQQ. API OnBuy is necessary to automate the operation of an online store.
The functions of the OnBuy API are focused on quickly uploading product information. The product is identified by the SKU. If the SKU of the product is on the site, it is updated, the price and quantities are updated. If the SKU of the product that we ship from PSQQQ to the site OnBuy is not on the site, a new product will be created.
The main advantage of this method is the automation of the import work without additional settings. Importing products through the API allows you to import all the necessary data (SKU, name, features, images, price, etc.); update prices and quantities on the site; disable products that are out of stock; automatically upload images.
Features of the OnBuy API :
1 Price update
2 Quantity update
3 Create products with images, features, description
4 Scheduler

To set up the integration between PSQQQ and OnBuy, please contact the PSQQQ Support

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