Scheduler - Prestashop Store Manager


In PSQQQ, you can set a scheduler that will perform a number of configured actions automatically.

When the schedule starts, the following tasks are run by default:

  1. All feeds of suppliers that have an external source are loaded (by links, from mail, by API, etc.). If the suppliers feed is loaded from the computer, then such feed will not be loaded accordingly.
  2. Launch of the function “Update prices and quantities at Main feed”. And also repricing taking into account the feed of competitors, if it is configured.
  3. Export of the Main feed.

All tasks are launched with the settings with which they were launched last time.

It is also possible to create an individual set of commands and settings that can be run on a schedule. You need to contact support with this question.

Almost all functions (content updating, building references, copying prices, etc.) that are available in the PSQQQ interface can be launched on a schedule.

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