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Magento inventory management

PSQQQ is a Magento inventory management software. PSQQQ allows you to manage your Magento product and variation stocks using a simple grid view.


- Stock status / Stock quantities
- Product Stock / Price history changes
- Show any Product Field (you can select any field to show, even features or options names / values)
- Shipping weight, dimensions
- Prices: standart, sale, wholesale, rrp, create new price types for your products
- Filter / sorting by any field , even by feature
- Export products data via API: custom export formats are supported: csv, excel,json,xml.
- Import products data from any source: http web, ftp, ssh, google drive, dropbox, amazon s3, email attachment etc.

Inventory management template for Magento

You need to define template for your inventory management process 1 time and PSQQQ will remenmer for all the next tasks.

Magento -> Amazon inventory management

Sync stocks / prices via Magento inventory management software. Amazon store API allows you to sync stocks automatically.

Inventory management google sheets for Magento

Allows you to take data from an external google sheet and to import into your dashboard.

Connect ERP / CRM to Magento

- Dynamic 365
- Office 365
- Zoho