prestashop products import

Import products into prestashop from different files: csv, xml, excel! Update stocks & prices at prestashop using PSQQQ.COM Products Importer!

Do you need sync suppliers products with prestashop store?

How you can use our tool for prestashop?
1. Products Import
Csv import
Xml import
Excel import
Categories import
Features import
Options variants import
Images import
2. Integrations
Web scraping & data extraction
Supplier API integration
API Access
Export data
3. Repricing
Stocks prices update
Multi currencies
Margin setup
4. Automation
Sync algorithm

For Business(optionally)

Contact out team and will offer the best way for solving your project.
- if you need schedule a call with us via skype, zoom, hangout, telegram etc.
- we will create technical specification for your products import task
- we will demonstrate our software for products import via screen sharing

Own prestashop products import software

- It means that client has a chance to solve custom cases.
- We are ready to develop custom logic.
- If any issue we can debug our software and to find reasons
- We can fix issues ASAP
- We know our software
- We optimize data processing speed always
- You receive new versions for free.

prestashop products sync with focus on drop shipping

prestashop drop shipping is the most popular case for our clients. Our software is ready for drop shipping.
- Multiple suppliers support
- Rule-based pricing
- Automatic suppliers data update
- Integration with CMS via API
- Optimized data import speed
- Own warehouse support

We do not sell you products import software / modules / plugins for your prestashop

- We do full cycle integration for your prestashop store.
- You tell us what you need and we configure your account at PSQQQ for your needs.
- You just receive results - new products will be created old products will be updated(prices & quantities).

What is...

it is more than prestashop products importer - find a lot of really useful functions: repricing, margin setup, multi currencies support, best price selection.

We develop prestashop products import modules for our drop-shipping clients. We could adopt our software (add new function, add new supplier). Tell us what do you need to do and we will offer the best way to do it. You could utilize our in-house prestashop products import software we develop since 2009.

Connect multiple suppliers

You can connect a lot of your suppliers easily. Add supplier, map fields and that is enough!

Rule-based pricing

Create formulas for price changes base on wholesales price ranges, categories, vendors etc.

Sync items, prices, stocks automatically

App allows you to run any task via scheduler.

Select The best supplier

App allows to select the best supplier per each item based on the "best offer method"

Dynamic pricing

Add competitors data and get dynamic pricing for your prestashop store. Increase revenue at 7-12%!

prestashop web scrapers

Run prestashop web scraping tasks directly from the App.

Our Bulk prestashop Products Import Application is online service that allows client to import products into prestashop store. Integration with prestashop store is just a final function at all process. A lot of functions are embedded already and they were designed for drop-shipping business. Additionally we create custom data extraction configurations for our clients it is necessary. We built this service on top of our internal, in-house tools since 2009 and give you a way to manage feeds via web browser without any efforts and special skills.

prestashop import

You can use PSQQQ as a prestashop import & update tool. it is compatible with the next prestashop versions : 1.5, 1.6, 1.7.
so you can use our tool for the next:

  • – prestashop 1.7 import products
  • – prestashop 1.6 import products
  • – prestashop product import module

Use prestashop importer – import product from csv xls xlsx. Prestashop automatic import can be defined via scheduler.
Prestashop import module allows you to update data by request or automatically. If you need automatic products import & update your source data have to be available via links or via emails.

prestashop import products

Tool was designed for bulk products import. If you need to import data with features, option, images you will find tool really useful.

prestashop import categories

Tool imports categories if you define categories from source file. Even if your source file has parent/child structure of categories you can easily import them into your prestashop store.
So you can do prestashop import categories subcategories using PSQQQ. You can define categories hierarchy via UI config and all categories will be imported.

prestashop import orders

PSQQQ does not import orders. If you want to import orders from csv to prestashop contact support team.

prestashop import combinations

Combinations for products can be imported into your store. You have to define combinations in UI config 1 time and all will be imported.
You can do prestashop import products with combinations from any feed like csv, excel or ( xml via support team). Prestashop csv import combinations can be setup by any user without support team if any issue contact support or read documentation.

prestashop import products csv

Any csv file can be imported. csv file config is the next: delimiter, wrapper, encoding, csv delimiter can be any like ‘,’ ‘;’ ‘~’ or ‘tab’. Wrapper can be also any like ‘”‘.

prestashop import customers

PSQQQ does not import customers, if you need that try contact support team.

prestashop import features

There are many ways exist how to import features into prestashop via psqqq. Via UI config define columns with features and they will be import easily.

prestashop import xml products

prestashop import xml is a big challenge for prestashop users because there is no any tools.
You can use our tool for “prestashop import xml feed”, you can define xml nodes with basic product info (name, sku, description, price, stocks) and to do prestashop import products xml.
Our “prestashop xml import module” has to be installed at your store, even your can use that for free: try – ‘prestashop import xml module free’. Prestashop xml feed import free for 14 days.

prestashop import csv products

Use PSQQQ for prestashop import csv. You can run import tasks manually or to run prestashop automatic import csv. Automatic prestashop import from csv can be defined via scheduler.
It will download your csv feed via link or via email or via dropbox, google cloud. You can take prestashop import csv example and to try free csv automatic import into your store. Use our module ‘import csv prestashop’ for direct data import into your store.

prestashop import products with images

You can do prestashop import product images using PSQQQ. Prestashop import images can be configured easily via interface. There are two ways for doing that. 1 – when image url defined in csv or excel or xml file. In such case tool takes image and upload it directly into your ftp folder. Be sure that you granted WRITE ACCESS for your image/p folder at prestashop installation.
“Prestashop import csv image url” is required for correct image import for case. It has to be jpg, png or bmp extension.

prestashop import excel

You can use PSQQQ as “prestashop import product with csv/excel module”. Do prestashop import xls, xlsx files. You can upload these files from PC/Mac or files have to be uploaded via link.

prestashop import products with features & attributes

prestashop import products with attributes feature is supported at PSQQQ.
prestashop import product features can be done via vusial configuration so you can import features itself form any csv or xlsx file. Even xml file with features / attribures can be imported but via contact with support team. Prestashop import attributes will be imported directly into your prestashop database.

prestashop import stock

Products stocks will be updated using PSQQQ. Stocks for basic products and stocks for combinations will be updated. There are 2 methods not stock combinations exist: 1 – by sku, 2 – by using string from options template {name-value}

prestashop import specific prices

If you need to import specific prices (discounts) from csv / excel files into your prestashop store use can do that via PSQQQ.