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Import products from CSV to Prestashop

Import products CSV files into your Prestashop store!

PSQQQ allows you to do full automation for products import / update and sync from any CSV products files for your Prestashop stores.
You can import any size of files: we tested that on 10GB size CSV.

How it works

1. You import products CSV AS IS to PSQQQ as supplier products without any changes.
2. You define margin rules for repricing.
3. You select all products or any subset of supplier's categories / products what you want to import to Prestashop.
4. PSQQQ updates selected products with new prices at MainFEED.
5. Your MainFEED you can export to your Prestashop store via API or direct SQL db calls or you can access data via API.
Products fields for CSV Prestashop import
- Price, SalePrice, OldPrice, Discount,
- Quantity/Stocks/Availability,
- Name,
- Categories,
- Manufacturer,
- Features,
- Options,Variants (Colors,Sizes etc),
- Dimensions: L x W x H, and Weight,
- Description,
- Images ,
- Url.