Build your feed, update prices & stocks

Build your feed, update prices & stocks

prestashop dropshipping

PSQQQ is a unique software (online service, SasS) for prestashop dropshipping! updating prices and stocks. PSQQQ is not only the best tool for automatic processing of supplier feeds (what is the core task for prestashop dropshipping!), but it works with repricing and it works with products content, it is the best practices for working with feeds of suppliers and competitors, price monitoring and content web scrapers, flexible pricing and an effective, long-term investment for the sustainable development of the IT part of your business.

A lot of PSQQQ functions designed for prestashop dropshipping!

You will create your feed based on the suppliers feed You will create your feed based on the suppliers feed
You will update your feed automatically on schedule You will update your feed automatically on schedule
Apply price and quantity repricing formulas for products Apply price and quantity recalculation formulas for products
Upload your feed to a store or accounting system Upload your feed to a store or accounting system

Import feeds of any format

You will be able to import products from feeds of the following formats:
  • Excel
  • API
  • XML
  • JSON
and any of their options. In the user interface, you just need to specify the mapping of the columns / feeds and that’s it! These options are important for prestashop dropshipping because it will allow you to start working with new suppliers quickly and the wide set of options for feeds processing will help you to prepare data for prestashop the best way.

You can Export products data in the following formats

  • CSV, Excel, XML, JSON
  • API access
  • Direct import/update/sync to prestashop
more details It is hard to suggest what is the best way for products export for your case because it depends on your experience. If you starting prestashop dropshipping the best way for you to use direct products import/update/sync from PSQQQ to prestashop. But if you have experience we think that you use some other tools for products post-processing and you will use PSQQQ for data preparation mostly. In this case preferred way for experiences users will be to export data via API to your own software for prestashop dropshipping.

Options for feeds import

  • manual upload from PC
  • web link (http)
  • ftp
  • mail
  • dropbox
  • google drive
  • api
If you business is growing I believe that you have a lot of suppliers who share products feeds with you different ways. And for increasing frequency for products update at your prestashop dropshipping store you need to automate products import from suppliers feeds. PSQQQ works here well and saves a lot of your time here. It can import new products data even each hour. more details

Connect new suppliers

  • check wholesales prices
  • increase the assortment
  • work with dropshipping model
  • check supplier prices
It will allow you to be different if compare with the other prestashop dropshipping players. When they need to spend 1 week to connect with new supplier you can do this job for 1-2 hours. It will increase your SEO positions for google.

Compare Products

  • find the best supplier for each product
  • check competitors prices
  • manual and automatic functions for products matching
  • compare similar products
If you sell the same product from different suppliers PSQQQ allows you to select the best price and the best supplier for each product. Agree that if you have prestashop dropshipping store you can publish the best price on your prestashop store – your clients will like it!

Price calculation

  • by formulas
  • RRP/MRP furmulas
  • only for products with availability
  • filters by categories, brands, price ranges
  • the ability to set manually
  • suppliers priorities
  • shipping costs
You always need to recalculate final prices for your products, PSQQQ allows you to save time for that. Define formulas/rules/filters for price changes once and it will work for you each time when PSQQQ starts your MainFeed update. more details

RRP support

  • use RRP if defined
  • sell cheaper than RRP
  • sell above the RRP
more details If your supplies have RRP/MRP PSQQQ will take that into account when does repricing for your products. If you do not want to get penalties for your prestashop dropshipping store you need to process RRP right way for all your products you sell. But if you want to “play” with RRP prices and to sell higher or lower you can use specific functions for this at PSQQQ.

Updating prices and quantities

  • fully automatic update
  • update by all formulas
  • set up once and forgot
  • protection against dumping

Product content

  • products with variants (combinatoins with options) are supported
  • all complex options are supported
  • import from other feeds
  • functions to update the required products fields
more details

Automatic processing of feeds

  • starting the processing of feeds on a schedule
  • automation of the chain of actions
  • automatic download of feeds by links, from mail, by API
  • automatic processing of imported feeds
more details

Content Search

  • database of 1.5 million products
  • automatic search
  • 1 product is added in 2 clicks

Scheduled start

  • all actions can be started automatically
  • download feeds
  • import new products
  • update old products
  • filtering by category
  • loading new currency exchange rates
  • updating prices taking into account the margin (according to all formulas)
  • export data to the site
more details

prestashop web scraper

  • if suppliers do not provide feed
  • then we will scrape products data from supplier site
  • we will export content, availability, prices
more about prestashop web scraping

Competitors Price Monitoring

  • compare prices
  • web scraper will collect product prices
  • import new data
  • use to recalculate your prices

Product change history

For each feed
  • shows new products
  • shows disappeared products
  • shows products where the quantity is changed
  • shows products where the price is changed
  • display of changes in graphs and tables
If it interesting to know what was changed at suppliers feed, where changed stocks, prices etc. PSQQQ shows these changes. If you want to start google AD campaign or facebook AD campaign for your prestashop store you can analyze product changes before and to take products what fit your criteria.

Price analysis

  • analysis of price changes
  • analysis of changes in availability
  • analysis of suppliers’ feed
  • analysis of competitors’ feed
As you see there are a lot of built-in functions PSQQQ has for prestashop dropshipping. Hope it will help your business grow and our team will help you to setup it for your case. We are ready to take any project on any state / stage and to help you to setup all right using the best practices for prestashop dropshipping.