shopfactory products import

Import products into shopfactory from different files: csv, xml, excel! Update stocks & prices at shopfactory using Products Importer!

What is...

it is more than shopfactory products importer - find a lot of really useful functions: repricing, margin setup, multi currencies support, best price selection.

We develop shopfactory products import modules for our drop-shipping clients. We could adopt our software (add new function, add new supplier). Tell us what do you need to do and we will offer the best way to do it. You could utilize our in-house shopfactory products import software we develop since 2009.

Connect multiple suppliers

You can connect a lot of your suppliers easily. Add supplier, map fields and that is enough!

Rule-based pricing

Create formulas for price changes base on wholesales price ranges, categories, vendors etc.

Sync items, prices, stocks automatically

App allows you to run any task via scheduler.

Select The best supplier

App allows to select the best supplier per each item based on the "best offer method"

Dynamic pricing

Add competitors data and get dynamic pricing for your shopfactory store. Increase revenue at 7-12%!

shopfactory web scrapers

Run shopfactory web scraping tasks directly from the App.

Our Bulk shopfactory Products Import Application is online service that allows client to import products into shopfactory store. Integration with shopfactory store is just a final function at all process. A lot of functions are embedded already and they were designed for drop-shipping business. Additionally we create custom data extraction configurations for our clients it is necessary. We built this service on top of our internal, in-house tools since 2009 and give you a way to manage feeds via web browser without any efforts and special skills.

Using shopfactory Import module you could do the next tasks:

shopfactory CSV Import

You can import data from any CSV file. We have cases when we import files with 1000000 products inside.

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shopfactory XML Import

We can parse any XML file and any structure and to import into your shopfactory store.

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shopfactory Excel Import

Import any Excel file with any structure into your shopfactory shop.

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shopfactory integration with supplier API

You can take real-time data from your supplier API

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shopfactory stocks & prices update

Update your shopfactory store with actual stocks & prices. Update works for options/variants also.

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shopfactory import products with options & variants

Tool allows you to import options & variants correctly.

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shopfactory images import

We support shopfactory images import for basic products and for products with options & variants.

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shopfactory categories import

categories with hierarchy creation

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shopfactory features import

Import features is really simple. Just mark columns as features and it is enough!

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shopfactory DropShipping is supported

If you start your DropShipping business you need to import products into your store. Our Application will do it for you automatically: as many products as you need. Just send us information about your supplier and we will inform you how to do import to your shopfactory store the most effective way.
shopfactory multi currencies

If your suppliers have multi currency feeds it will be processed right

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shopfactory margin/markup formulas

formulas are supported and they are really flexible

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shopfactory Scheduler

Scheduler allows you to update all feeds and to reprice all products.

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API access

You can download aggregated data via API.

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Export data

Export data to different file formats csv,json,xml,excel,

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shopfactory repricing

shopfactory dynamic repricing

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It allows merchants to import 1K-200K products into shopfactory stores automatically.

shopfactory Products Sync Algorithm

1. Categories management for shopfactory
If category does not exist (is new) it will be created in the other case creation will be skipped.
2. Products management for shopfactory
If product does not exist (will be checked by SKU) it will be created in the other case for product will be updated Price, STOCK / Quantity, Availability.
3. Bulk shopfactory products import specification
The following fields will be imported for new product:
- SKU,
- name,
- quantity,
- availability,
- price,
- all images,
- features,
- options (variants) with all relations,
- descriptions: short & full,
- assignment to category ( 1 or many).

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shopfactory FAQ for shopfactory Products Import

Do you support products option/variants data?

Yes, we do. All variants will be extracted correctly. For example sizes, colors will be extracted with appropriate sku, price, availability.

Can I download data via API?

Yes, you can.

Can I import data from multiple feeds into 1 account?

Yes, you can.

Could I setup custom margin for specific supplier/category/product?

Yes, you can.

The same product is available at 2 suppliers (different prices and different stocks)? Do you support such case?

Yes, we support it.

I have my private small warehouse + work with suppliers by drop shipping. Do you support such cases?

Yes, we do.

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