Build your feed, update prices & stocks

Build your feed, update prices & stocks

smartstore xml import

import xml files into your smartstore store!
psqqq allows you to do full automation for products update and sync from any xml files for your smartstore stores.
You can add new suppliers xml files itself or to ask us to do that for you by request.

How to work with us

Fill the contact form or book a demo
We will estimate your task in 1-2 days.
It is really easy to import products info. if any issue create a ticket in the service and our Support team will help you!
Setup fields for data import 1 time and use it daily or hourly without additional setup time
Setup a scheduler and update your data automatically!

Find below how it looks inside our software for smartstore dropshipping.

Step 1 - Feed configuration for smartstore xml import

There are several options exist how to upload xml file
- from PC
- from URL,FTP, Dropbox,Google sheets etc.
- from Email
- sometimes it is necessary to download file from supplier web site under client's login & password (it is possible but will require custom development)

Step 2 - xml format selection during xml smartstore import

- by default system does not know format of file you defined,
- clever algorithm tries to detect format itself (in your case xml file) for smartstore
- if you see any issue with format detection you can set the right variant manually

Step 3 - XML tags definition for xml file

- each XML file for smartstore import has tags
- user has to define what xml contains names, what column contains prices. it is columns matching
- there are 2 ways how to do that for xml file at PSQQQ
1) via tags definition
2) via product model fields definition(advanced mode- extended settings)

Final step - define XPath for required fields of your XML file

psqqq allows you to import basic products and products with variants (with sizes, colors etc.)