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Top 5 PrestaShop Products Import Modules

PrestaShop is one of the most famous online platforms for creating e-shops. When creating your PrestaShop store, you are faced with the problem of how to transfer products from one platform to another or how to update products in PrestaShop. This becomes especially big problem if you have a large catalog of goods. To solve this problem, there are services for importing PrestaShop products. In this article, we will look at the top 5 services for importing PrestaShop products.


Name Description Features Price

Sitolog(Merlin Backoffice)

Sitolog(Merlin Backoffice) – Application to administer much faster your online PrestaShop store. Merlin Backoffice  is an addon allowing the complete management of the PrestaShop catalog in an optimal way.  Integrates two working methods: bulk update and edit of products and categories or csv/xls importation of data.
  • Process CSV or Excel files of any size
  • Fast imports, perfect for daily updating of prices and stocks
  • Reliable and secure data transfers
  • Automatic additions and updates of products at night
The cost of application  – 94,00 €

XML integration PrestaShop – Advanced module for product integration using XML / CSV with the ability to customize according to customer needs. The importer is built separately for each warehouse – wanting to add several warehouses – manage the entire administration panel – by selecting the supplier’s name. This solution will help you manage multiple warehouses – in different configurations. We do not limit ourselves to an XML file, the integrator also supports other types of files.
  • Importing or mapping categories to the store.
  • Automatic import of producers, suppliers, attributes, attribute values, features, and values ​​of features
  • Import of products from the indicated price
  • Automatic mapping of suppliers, attributes, attribute values, features, and values ​​of features
 The cost of modul : 367,77 zł

MyPresta Modules

Adding products to the online store catalog and updating information about products, for example, when price changes, availability, characteristics, when importing data from price list files, compared to manually managing goods, significantly reduces the time required to keep the catalog up to date.The module has the necessary functionality to work with the import of a huge amount of data – and if you have a special case and the functionality of the standard version is not enough – we can always discuss the possibility of both free and paid upgrades.
  • Choose format of import file (CSV, Excel)
  • Import products with the following fields such as , unity, height, depth, weight etc
  • Combinations import (4 different method to import it)
  • Import product categories
The cost of modul – 99,00 €

Store Manager for PrestaShop

Store Manager is a downloadable application for managing catalog and sales. It’s like your PrestaShop back office that works on your desktop. Enhanced with extra tools for bulk edits, advanced sorting and filtering, automation of repeated tasks, flexible import/exports, inventory update across multiple sales channels, and more. Store Manager for PrestaShop – a unique tool for managing your online store effectively. With this easy-to-use application, you get an excellent opportunity to administer categories, products, manufacturers, suppliers, customers, orders, etc. This all-in-one solution saves you 2 or more hours each day by automating and simplifying your everyday operations.
  • Mass changes and generators – to add and update multiple product details, combinations, and features in bulk.
  • Flexible import tools to products, categories, customers, and orders; accepting CSV, TXT, XML, XLS files; supporting import from PC, FTP, Google Sheets
  • Export of products, categories, customers, and orders to CSV, Excel, and Google Sheets.
The cost of Package STANDARD – $249

Wise XML

Starting from 2004, this eCommerce website builder how hosts more than 700 000 online stores. It is probably the easiest way to establishing a new online store. No programming knowledge needed, easy to use interface and a big variety of tools & extensions to start selling online. WiseXML and PrestaShop integration supports product export (download) and import(upload). That is a great way of creating more sales channels or sharing your products catalog with your partners (you become a supplier) or preferred marketplaces.
  • Connect directly with our 80 trusted suppliers network.
  • Automate your product sourcing, attribute mapping, categorizing, and price markup tools
  • Integrate stock sync, product details, and images directly into Shopify.
The cost of using the service in the Start tariff : €49 / mo.

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