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Top 5 Shopify Products Import Apps and Solutions

Shopify is one of the most famous online platforms for creating e-shops. When creating your Shopify store, you are faced with the problem of how to transfer products from one platform to another or how to update products in Shopify. This becomes especially big problem if you have a large catalog of goods. To solve this problem, there are services for importing Shopify products. In this article, we will look at the top 5 services for importing Shopify products.


Name Description Features Price

Firebear studio

Firebear Import & Export Tool Shopify app is the full-featured solution for daily data management. The app lets you export products from your Shopify store, and import any updates from the suppliers or sales team you have. The application allows you to import CSV files with customized column names, thanks to built in mapping. Simply drag & drop names from your file to relevant product settings. With the Improved Import & Export extension for Shopify, you can transfer the following files: CSV; XML; JSON; ODS; Excel.
  • Support of products, customers, categories, orders import and export
  • REST API endpoints to accept any data structure and file formats at Shopify store, with CSV, XML, Json, Excel and ODS
  • Schedules
Try Shopify free for 14 days


Support importing data from all types of XML to Shopify. How to import XML to Shopify – Submit a Ticket with your online store credentials, your specific requirements and the XML files you want to import. Our technicians receive your ticket and set up a file migration process based on your requirements. All data in your XML files will be imported into your online store through our file migration system. What Next-Cart Migration Tool supports – Data File Formats: CSV, XML, Excel, XLS, XLSX, SQL, JSON, TXT, HTML, all Shopify plans.
  • Free Additional Options
  • Unlimited Re-Migration
  • Unlimited Recent Data Migration
  • 1-Year of Support & Updates
The approximate cost of migration to Shopify : 1000 products – 149$


Import any CSV to Shopify Orders, Customers, Products, Metafields, Variants, etc. Powerful CSV options and mapping features eliminate the need to prepare and modify a CSV file beforehand. Skyvia offers powerful mapping for data transformations for cases when CSV and target Shopify table have a different structure. You can use data splitting, complex expressions and formulas, lookups, etc. With Skyvia, you can configure your routine CSV export and import operations once and don’t care about them anymore. They will run in a cloud automatically.
  • Scheduled Import
  • Export of CSV Files to Shopify
  • Easily migrate data from or to Shopify via CSV files and file storages/FTP when direct connection is not possible.
  • Configure automatic backup of your Shopify data to FTP, SFTP, or file storage in just a few minutes.
The cost of using the service in the standard tariff : $79/mo.


Data migration can be complicated and frustrating, that is why Matrixify is providing the best solutions for migrating to Shopify. The Matrixify app is providing the ability to migrate your data just by following simple step-by-step tutorials that anyone familiar with spreadsheets, can do. You can either do the whole migration yourself or trust a Shopify Expert or Agency to do your migration for you. No matter what path you choose, Matrixify will save you time and money, making the whole migration very affordable. Our automated shopping cart migration works just by importing the correct files.
  • Bulk Import
  • Export data with Excel, CSV or Google Sheets template
  • Update your existing store data in bulk
  • Schedule and auto-repeat
The cost of using the service in the Basic tariff : $20 / 30 days.

Wise XML

Starting from 2004, this eCommerce website builder how hosts more than 700 000 online stores. It is probably the easiest way to establishing a new online store. No programming knowledge needed, easy to use interface and a big variety of tools & extensions to start selling online. WiseXML and Shopify integration supports product export (download) and import(upload). That is a great way of creating more sales channels or sharing your products catalog with your partners (you become a supplier) or preferred marketplaces.
  • Connect directly with our 80 trusted suppliers network.

  • Automate your product sourcing, attribute mapping, categorizing, and price markup tools
  • Integrate stock sync, product details, and images directly into Shopify.
The cost of using the service in the Start tariff : €49 / mo.

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