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Types of prices

In PSQQQ, you can now create Types of prices — these are additional prices for which you can customize your pricing. An example of an additional price would be wholesale price or marketplace prices.

To create an additional price, go to Main Feed ⇾ Settings ⇾ Types of prices. In the window “Configuration of price types of prices”, write the name of the price and put a tick “Enable”, then click Save:

After creating Price 2, go to the supplier’s feed in the Margin Setup ⇾ Create new rule. By setting a margin on the purchase price, Price 2 is formed.

After creating a pricing rule, we launch the function “Updating prices and quantities in the Main Feed”. Only after the end of the function can you see the generated Price 2.

To see Price 2 in the Main price list, you can add the Price 2 column:

In order to edit Price 2 for a specific product, you can open the product card, the “Additional prices” tab:

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