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Update prices and quantities

The PSQQQ service implements the function of automatic updating of prices and quantities.

The function “Update prices and quantities at Main feed” is the main function of PSQQQ. This function also launches the recalculation of prices with a set margin, the formation of the old price and starts a revaluation taking into account the prices of competitors.

Prices and quantities are updated in the Main Feed, the data from which is sent to your online store or uploaded to Excel, CSV, XML, YML, JSON files. In order for prices and quantities to be updated, you need to upload the price lists of suppliers to the service and create references between products.

If the suppliers feeds are loaded, then select Functions from the menu and in the drop-down list click “Update prices and quantities at Main feed”.


In the window “Price and Quantities update for Main feed from supplier feed” you need to select what you need — updating prices, quantities or old prices; updating products with a price and (or) quantity equal to zero; check the box so that the sale price is higher than the RRP; starting the formation of the Summary report. You can choose how to deal with products without references — leave unchanged, zero the quantity, or zero both the quantity and the price. To start the update process, you need to click “Update”.

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