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Working with RRP/MRP in the Suppliers Feed

Working with RRP/MRP in the Supplier’s Feed is supported in PSQQQ. In this article, we will consider the issue of working with the RRP.

What is RRP and MRP:

  • RRP — Recommended Retail Price.
  • MRP — Minimum Retail Price.

From the point of view of processing the prices of the RRP and MRP, this is the same thing.

PSQQQ uses the RRP abbreviation in all configuration dialogs and visual elements.

What is the RRP for?

The supplier, manufacturer introduces and controls the RRP in order to manage the minimum price in the market for different sellers.

In short, it is impossible to sell cheaper than the RRP. And usually the RRP is controlled, sanctions are applied to violators (products are not shipped, discounts are lost, etc.).

How to take into account the RRP in the Supplier’s Feed?

By default, if you downloaded an item from the RRP, then the RRP will be used when repricing the product. In those, the selling price will become = RRP.

It happens that the same product is available from different suppliers with different RRP. If there is such a situation, then PSQQQ takes the lower RRP as the price.

How to sell cheaper than RRP?

There are several options. Each of these methods has its own advantages and disadvantages. Which one you need, you can understand during the testing of functions:

  1. Do not upload the RRP to the Supplier’s Feed.
  2. Disable Price from RRP from recalculate. To do this, in the Supplier’s Feed, go to the Settings section and put a checkmark “Disabling price list from recalculate”, click “Save”.
  3. Create a margin (Pricing) with the “RRP disable” setting enabled.
    Go to the Margin Setup — Create new rules, set the margin and tick the “RRP disable” box, click “Save”:
  4. Disable the use of RRP for a specific Supplier’s Feed.
    In the Supplier’s Feed, go to the Setting section and put a checkmark RRP disable”, click “Save”
  5. Disable the RRP in the revaluation function globally.
    Go to “Functions — Update prices and quantities at Main Feed”, put a tick on RRP disable” and click “Update”.

How to sell above the RRP?

Usually, they still sell at the RRP. But there are cases when it is possible and necessary to sell higher than the declared value of the RRP.

For example, this is very important if you sell a product on a marketplace, price monitoring showed that there are no competitors for a specific product at a specific time. Then you can sell above the RRP.

In PSQQQ, it is possible to set the following behavior in the function “Update prices and quantities at Main Feed”:

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